…in Turkey!

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Here’s a story of a time where I told myself I was probably going to die. When thinking back to a time where my life flashed before my eyes or a time where I felt the most sweat drip from every inch of my body — this is it.

Have you ever been to Turkey? If not, it’s one of the most picturesque places in Europe. From ancient buildings and colosseums to beautiful beaches and bustling cities. Honestly, there is something for everyone, even those who enjoy a quiet vacation and those who enjoy the nightlife. Seriously though…

If MLM companies were honest…

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It’s nearing Christmas and my anxiety is sky high as I try and work out how I’m supposed to pay for all the glitz and glam without breaking the bank. I could look to sell unwanted things in the house, I could make things, I could even start selling pictures of my feet if it things got so bad, but the one thing I’ll never try again… MLM companies.

When I say I wasted my time, that’s a massive understatement.

A few years ago, I’m sat looking for fantastic ideas on how to make a side income, like most of…

…or a title?

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let’s set the scene. It’s October, we’re 7 months deep into what feels like an endless battle between germs and common sense. Rallies are scattered around the globe with debates on mask propaganda. Most of which are captured on barely focused phone screens capturing the opinions of those opposing the use of masks.

I’m sat down, looking through my Facebook, scrolling through my newsfeed when a particular video catches my eye. Titled along the lines of, “Doctor tells you why you should not wear a mask.” …

Being vegan just got easier

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I have only committed my time to the way of vegan life for just over one month. I know hardly anything about the world of veganism and what a difference my change of diet will truly be on our beloved environment.

I do know one thing though. My diet will help minimise my carbon footprint, it will help promote a healthy and more balanced lifestyle and of course it means less animals subjected to cruelty.

As I always point out in anything that is written by myself, what I choose to do, does not mean you should feel pressured into…

Why this statement no longer bothers me

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When it comes to raising your own child, you’ll have your own thoughts of how exactly you will parent. When it comes to social media and the things I read on there, a lot of words are written from all spectrums of people, determining what the correct way to mother a child should be. According to most, I am considered to be a bad mom but you know what, I’m comfortable with this. From feeding, to bed time, to even the amount of love I give my child. …

Having the respect for other religions is easy, when you know how!

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This post isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s sure to ruffle a few tail feathers along the way, but religion never was easy.

Before a child can count to ten, the leading religion of their home area, is thrust upon them.

For me it was Christianity.

I was told without reason that this was something I should believe in — From non-other than school teachers following the school syllabus.

No reason to why I need this belief, just that I should. A naïve mind that takes what they’re told, because they know no different.


What’s So Wrong with Wanting Less?

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We are constantly surrounded by advertisements telling us that the more we have, the happier we will be, be it food, clothes or the latest tech gizmo. So what’s the problem with advertisements making us aware of the things that we don’t have?

They also cause enormous pressure for us to purchase more consumer goods. We break the bank, bend over backwards and cause ourselves stress and anxiety, all in a bid to help us ‘feel better’, Putting ourselves in a loop where the more we have, the more we want.

We see this with more than just material possessions…

It’s easier than you think

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Whether you’re a budding student, trying to save an extra penny towards your social events, or a motivated individual trying every which way to save for your future, I think we can all agree that the food shop, can sometimes be a little expensive.

Take it from someone who has experimented with different ways of saving. I can effectively do a food shop for a family of 3 for just £15 a week. As opposed to the £77.50 spent on average in the UK.

It’s so frustrating when I hear families on the bread line who claim they are unable…

A brief history of my encounters with the Dream Demon

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Imagine this, a 29 year old, career driven woman, who still has nightmares. Pathetic, right? I agree.

Let’s start from the very beginning.

Being brought up with siblings almost a decade older than me, meant that I had to go through many hardships on my own. While my elder sister and brothers had each other’s back, I was left to fend for myself. I may be a bit dramatic with my choice of words but there is still some truth.

when I was 3 years old my parents, siblings and I moved from a small cul-de-sac council house with cheap…

An optimist’s approach to better living.

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Positive thoughts are the kryptonite to our negative energy. They can hold the answers we are looking for, if only we cared enough about ourselves to search.

We all know how hurtful our own minds can be as we judge away and make tremendous excuses not to be productive, but if we were positive for just one day, would that make a difference? The answer in short- yes!

Our minds are a powerful thing and if you can overcome your bad habits that put yourself down, then you can soon learn that, anything is just about possible.

Those of us…

Natalie Carroll

Writing makes me happy!

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